Forex Widgets

Whether you are a trader or have a trading website, our forex widgets are an effective tool that can be easily used by traders in their everyday trading needs. Our forex widgets are expertly designed and can be effectively inserted on any website. FXGiants offers a range of widgets including a currency converter, and pip, margin and profit calculators.

همه معاملات با ریسک همراه است.
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How our Forex Widgets work

Pip Calculator

Calculate the value of a pip in your trading account currency and manage your risk per trade. Choose your account currency, the currency pair, your position size and then click “Calculate.”

Margin Calculator

Calculate the required margin for opening and holding a position. Choose your account currency, currency pair, leverage, size of your trade and then click “Calculate.”

Profit Calculator

Calculate the outcome of each trade easily. Choose your currency pair, whether you want to buy or sell, your opening and closing prices, the trade size and the deposit currency. Finally, click “Calculate.”

Currency Converter

Convert major currencies fast. Choose your currency and the currency you would like to convert to, enter the amount, and then click “Calculate.”

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همه معاملات با ریسک همراه است.
احتمال دارد که کل سرمایه‌تان را از دست بدهید.

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